EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond motorists were greeted Tuesday night by construction barriers at the 15th Street Railroad Crossing just west of Broadway. 

Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the City of Edmond are partners on a project that will establish, what City Spokesman Casey Moore calls, a “quiet zone.”

“We’re investing three million dollars to have this quiet zone go all of the way through our city limits. What that means is all 11 railroad crossings will be upgraded, so trains won’t have to sound their horns when they come through the city,” said Moore.  

Moore said the project will take 12 to 18 months to complete.

The railroad crossing on 15th Street should re-open Friday, August 2 weather permitting. Until then, motorists can use 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 33rd Streets, instead of 15th Street. 

James Spears opened “Trim World Auto Upholstery” next to the railroad tracks on 15th Street 25 years ago. He said the loud train horn he hears twice an hour can be distracting.

“When they come by, oh yeah your ears when they come by, it’s like your head is going to explode,” said Spears.