YUKON, Oklahoma - The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a pilot, that Yukon residents say, flew dangerously low near their homes Monday morning. 

“He must have just been clipping the tree tops,” Ron Terrill said. “It was so loud and low, it really sounded like it was crashing.”

Terrill and four other neighbors in the Surry Hills addition, just two and a half miles from Sundance Airport, told News 9 they heard a loud, low flying plane Monday morning around 7:30.

“The volume of it, you could tell it was low,” Russ Dozier said.

Terrill said he first called the nearby airport then called the local FAA office, where he was told they had received several other calls about the same plane.

In a statement to News9, a FAA spokesman said, “one of our inspectors in our Flight Standards District Office in Oklahoma City is looking into the issue. We haven’t completed our inquiry yet.”

Terrill said he wants answers and doesn’t want the report to just be swept under the rug.

“The thing I’m concerned about is, is it going to happen again? What was the purpose and motive of the pilot? And were we in any danger? We would like to know,” Terrill said.

The FAA accepts online tips and they also said if you believe a plane is flying in a dangerous manner, you can call 911.