DUNCAN, Oklahoma - Duncan residents are being charged for hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that, they say, they aren’t using. And the City is refusing to answer questions about it. 

Robert Vescio had to move out of his tiny home he shares with his wife and their toddlers. The City shut off his power and water, because he couldn’t pay his bill, after the City billed him for using 84,000 gallons of water in January. That wasn’t even his highest bill.

“Saying I’ve used over a hundred thousand gallons of water in a single month, when I haven’t. There’s no way. I couldn’t use that much water if I tried,” said Vescio.

He doesn’t have a pool and said he hired a plumber who told him there are no leaks. He said now his bills are back to normal, about 4,000 gallons a month.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the average family uses about 12,000 gallons per month.

A few miles away, Deanna Stevens bills have fluctuated from a normal of 5,300 gallons in May of last year to 32,000 gallons a few months later. Then, 60,000 the next month, and almost 70,000 gallons the month after that.

In three months, that’s enough to fill a large swimming pool eight times. “That’s what I asked the City. Where’s my pool? They’re like, ‘you got a leak somewhere.’  I said, no because if I had that big of a leak, my house would be floating in a lake. And I called out a plumber.  Plumber said no leaks,” said Stephens.

A News 9 crew had no problem finding other people in Duncan who were complaining of spikes in their bills with no real explanation from the City.

“I definitely think they need some new people in there. Someone that’s going to be honest and fix everything that needs to be fixed,” said Stephens.

News 9 reached out to the Duncan city manager. She hasn’t responded to multiple requests for a comment.