OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma County prosecutors have charged a metro man for allegedly abusing his prematurely born son. 

Police arrested Jason Martinez, 23, the day the infant was admitted to The Children’s Hospital with a brain bleed and multiple fractures.

Detectives believe the abuse started only days after the prematurely born baby was brought home in May. They interviewed Martinez after doctors described the injuries the baby suffered over two months.  

The arrest affidavit states the mother and Martinez took their 5-month-old to a doctor appointment on July 5, 2019. Clinic staff noticed the baby was not breathing well and admitted him to hospital.

The affidavit notes the baby had multiple rib fractures, fractures near the right shoulder, a wrist fracture and fractures in the legs. Investigators also said brain trauma was causing the baby to have seizures.

According to court documents, the father admitted to "grasping the victim around the ribs and shaking him on two different occasions." He then described "quickly picking the victim up by an arm and a leg on the same side of the body, to picking him up by one leg while changing him."

Martinez then demonstrated on a doll how he "pushed the victim's leg upwards so his foot was almost touching his head."

He said the baby stopped breathing for several minutes but he did not seek medical attention at the time.

Martinez was arrested at the hospital and has been charged with nine counts of child abuse. Martinez remains in the Oklahoma County Jail.

The baby's mother was not arrested or charged with any crimes.