Bounty hunters are in search of a man wanted for a 2018 drive-by shooting and assault with a dangerous weapon.

When confronted by the bounty hunters earlier this month in Edmond they said Dustin Meadows a former soldier managed to run away.

Bounty hunters believe Meadows' time and training in the military has given him the skills he needs to survive under even the toughest circumstances.

“He is desperate at this point very desperate,” said bounty hunter Amber Van Brunt.

Formally a proud military veteran Meadows is now on the run.

“This guy is extremely dangerous and I’m grateful he served our country but right now he’s a criminal,” said bounty hunter Bree Gilmore.

Van Brunt said she and her partner started tracking Meadows after he jumped bail that her father posted.

“My dad has a lot of respect for veterans and he told him he was going to get help and get sober. My dad bonded him,” said Van Brunt.

Because he jumped bail Van Brunt said Meadows' Edmond home -- that was put up for collateral now sits in foreclosure. She believes he's been staying there from time to time.

“There was electricity on, there was fans going, he's going from place to place to place,” said Van Brunt.

Just recently Van Brunt and Gilmore tracked Meadows to a known hangout where he ran.

“I was chasing them down the hill, I had my gun on him because Dustin is dangerous,” said Gilmore.

In a pickup with his wife the two threw the car into reverse before crashing into an embankment.

“The only thing that kept the truck from flipping over is there was a guard rail,” said Gilmore.

Allegedly hopped up on meth Gilmore said Meadows leaped out of the wrecked truck and into a wooded field.

“Literally it was like he jumped a hurdle on a track, not like he jumped a big Chevy truck,” said Gilmore.      

Known to stay in the Edmond area Van Brunt fears Meadows could be anywhere.

“He’s highly trained, and it doesn’t bother him, we were told at one point he was sleeping in a storage unit. It doesn’t bother him to be in the heat. He was in the desert camping in full gear,” said Van Brunt.