This week on Episode 40 of Mitchell Talks the News 9 Sessions, Scott Mitchell and Aaron Brilbeck talk opioids. 

Oklahoma County is one of more than 50 Oklahoma communities hoping to cash in on the opioid crisis. The county is expected to file suit against opioid manufacturers and distributors this week. 

Attorney Matt Sill is representing Oklahoma County in the suit. Sill says the county is hoping for reimbursement for “things like emergency healthcare and health insurance; criminal justice and victimization; substance abuse treatment and prevention; social costs and loss of productivity.” 

Sill says the county has not determined a cost, but says it will be in the millions of dollars. 

The suit will be similar to the state’s action against Johnson & Johnson, although sill says other causes of action will come into play. The state is still waiting for a judgment in it’s case. 

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