Oklahoma City, OK.  A northwest OKC man isn’t letting heavy engine work keep him from restoring classic cars.

Dennis Crews has been fixing old cars his whole life.

“They are screwdriver and pair of pliers cars ,” says Crews, who has more than a half dozen cars at his NW OKC home.

He restored a 1932 Chevy Krack in the 1950s when he was in highschool.

“The car had a tree growing out of it,” says Crews.
“I do everything,” adds Crews about this restorations.

But when you look under the hood on about a half dozen of this cars, you’ll see that America muscle is missing.

Instead of using convention engines, Crews restores classic cars with forklift batteries.

He learned to use those batteries while he worked at Tinker.

“You won’t win any races,” says Crews about his electric vehicles.

“Every nursing home around knows I have theses cars,” adds Crews.

The 82 year old takes the cars to metro nursing homes.

When he doesn’t bring the wheels, Crews brings his keyboard and sings songs.

“I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none says Crews about his is unusual talents.