It was a dramatic day in Cleveland County Court following the formal arraignment of Joseph Alliniece.

A trial date was set for February in what investigators are calling a “heinous” and “brutal” murder.

Joseph Alliniece is accused of killing Brittani Young in her apartment in April of 2018.

Police said he appeared to have used brute force, and stomped Young’s head in.

Alliniece is facing the death penalty, and family hopes that will be his final sentence.

They are also advocating that this send a message to suspects of domestic violence.

“To just have her ripped from me for no reason, no reason at all. It's so senseless,” said Brandi Murphy, the sister of the alleged victim.

Young's own mother discovered her daughter’s body.

She said she came by her apartment to check-on her, and instead walked into the crime scene.

But she said she wasn’t the only one to witness what happened.

Alliniece is also accused of kidnapping two other victims while he was inside Young’s apartment.

Kelly Nipper said she was forced to stand there with her young daughter and watch in disbelief.

She is expected to testify in the case.

“I am afraid of reliving that day, but I know when the day comes, God is gonna give me the words,” said Nipper.

Family watched Alliniece leave the courtroom, and tensions were high.

Reporter: Joesph anything to say?

Alliniece: (No Response)

Young’s Family: Little b****, that's what you are.

Alliniece: F*** Y'all.

Family ran to confront the suspect, but deputies prevented any physical altercations.

Young’s loved ones said they will continue to be patient, and have faith that justice will eventually be served.