A new burger joint has opened it's doors in Oklahoma City, and it's creating a buzz in an already growing part of town.

“We’d always wanted to open a restaurant. And we’ve traveled all over the United States. Been to some of the best burger places in America. It was kind of a conglomeration of all the different places we had been,” said Tyler Maune, one of the restaurant’s founders.

New State Burgers and Spirits opened on Thursday.

The locally owned joint promises a small yet welcoming atmosphere.

“All the founding partners, the consultants, everyone is from Oklahoma. So this is a local concept. It’s grass roots. And we’ve started this from the ground up,” Maune said.

Given the name New State after the building that came before it.

“It was a New State ice company back in the 1920’s. From the 20’s to the 50’s. New State was formed in 1906 right before Oklahoma became a state,” Maune added.

When the three business partners heard this location would be available, they jumped at the chance to perfect their burger concept.

“We’ve spent a lot of time. It’s a delicious double patty burger, thin patties, double cheese, toasted bun,” Maune said.

Other items on the menu pay homage to different places in Oklahoma.

“We have the Hot Hamburger which is an ode to Murphy’s in Bartlesville. Which is an open face burger. With Texas toast, two patties, cheese, topped with fries and brown gravy,” Maune explained.

The Plaza District seems to be growing daily. Making it what they call, prime real estate.

“It’s a vibrant, buzzing neighborhood. And we just want to fit in with the Plaza District,” Maune said.