OKLAHOMA CITY - Dozens of aspiring musicians are rocking out this week at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. An all-women team of volunteers help them form bands and bonds in a male-dominated genre. 

The camp promotes confidence, individuality and the skills to be a superstar. Over the course of the week, 56 girls are testing their talents and expressing themselves in a judgment-free zone.

“I have flower stickers on my face,” 16-year-old Ken Pomeroy pointed out. “I just feel very comfortable in the environment, and I’m really happy I get to be a part of it.”

The camp teaches body positivity through discussions, graphic design through original band logos and of course, the basics of rock and roll with teachers in each instrument.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Carter Sampson created the camp five years ago. It is something she wishes she had growing up in Oklahoma City.

Sampson said, “I think it’s really important that the girls see female drummers, that they see women playing bass and playing loud instruments and carrying heavy equipment.”

That empowerment is more important than a performance.

“I don’t even want to be like a huge pop star,” admitted 10-year-old Emma Kirkpatrick, “just want to make people feel very happy.”

Pomeroy, on the other hand, is preparing to perform in Europe after attending the camp the past five years.

“I used to shake before I would get on stage,” said the teen. “I still shake, but I really like showing what I’m capable of.”

See their skills for yourself at Saturday's showcase, happening at noon at the Tower Theatre.

“A lot of these girls’ first gig ever is going to be at the Tower Theatre in front of hundreds and hundreds of people,” Sampson said, “and that shows to them that they can do anything they want.”

Some of them are destined to shoot for the stars.

Kirkpatrick advised, “Be yourself. Love yourself, and don’t ever do anything else to change it.”

The camp costs $350, but financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available. Organizers also welcome donations to keep expanding to serve more campers. To learn more about the program, click here.