Residents in Piedmont are speaking out about their road conditions. They say roads are covered in potholes and they want city leaders to do something about it.

“The potholes are extensive, it is a broad issue like the city limits are covered,” said Natasha Flurry.

Flurry is one of many residents in the area that are wondering how they can team up with the city to resolve the growing problem.

“We’re just trying to bridge with whatever we are working on because we can’t do one without the other, that is what I know,” said Flurry.

They have been bringing their concerns to the City Manager Jason Orr. Orr has said he hears their concerns and understands.

“The biggest thing people say is well someone is going to get killed out here,” said Orr.

He has also experienced the damage the roads can do to a car.

“I just had to fix my car, so I am right there with everyone else,” said Orr.

Right now, Orr is working to figure out how they can fix the roads, but he knows it isn’t going to happen overnight because there is a lack of funding.

“Oklahoma is the only state in the entire country that limits municipalities to sales tax that is the only form of revenue,” said Orr.

So, he is putting together a proposal for a road bond.

“It will probably be about a 5-million-dollar project to fix North Piedmont Road,” said Orr.

Residents say if there is a bond, they want to make sure all that money will go to fixing the growing problem.

“We want to know how the bond would be issued, what roads would be repaired and how they would be maintained, so we don’t find ourselves in this same situation in 10 to 12 years,” said Flurry.