EDMOND, Oklahoma - A woman describes the nature of two accused killers who, just weeks ago, were her neighbors. 

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said George Watson and Lindsi Mayabb suddenly moved out days after Edmond police said the couple murdered 24-year-old Andrew Sawyer English.

New court documents allege Mayabb was an escort who developed a sexual relationship with the victim.

Investigators said Mayabb told them her boyfriend killed Sawyer English in a fit of jealously.

A new piece of evidence only shared with News 9 seems to back that up.

“I’m not going to sit here and be angry and hostile, scream at them, want to go to their trial and say all these mean burn in hell kind of things, that's not my style. But that doesn’t mean I’m not hurting as much as the other person,” said Sawyer English’s mother Raquel Stafford.

Documents shed little light on how Sawyer English became involved with Mayabb and her boyfriend Watson.

Court documents state Mayabb was arrested in an undercover prostitution sting. And she met English through an escort service.

“My son was a very handsome boy and getting women was never an issue for him,” said Stafford.

Former neighbors paint Watson as a jealous man. They said days after Sawyer English's death, Watson told them he and his girlfriend were moving.

“He had said that they weren’t coming back and if there was anything in there, to feel free and go through, and whatever we wanted we could take,” said one neighbor.

The woman said she went through the abandoned trailer and found a note titled "Things I Can't Live With,” written on one of Watson's check stubs.

Here are a few examples from that list:

  1. Being out all night
  2. Spending time with ex-boyfriends without me.
  3. Using messenger to talk to clients.

“After I read that, that’s what made me think she was a hooker,” said the neighbor.               

She said she knew Watson had a gun, and now regrets not reporting him to police.

Mayabb also told police, following the murder she and Watson buried the gun, the bullets and the shoes Watson was wearing.