OKLAHOMA CITY - A man Oklahoma City police have connected to multiple crimes in the city, was arrested on Sunday after leading officers on a pursuit.

Police said Semaj Thomas, 21, also had his 14-month-old son in the backseat during the chase. 

“He came down this street here, and then went down that way,” said Bessie Bruner, witness. “I guess he was trying to turn in the parking lot.”  

Bruner witnessed the chase near Northwest 36th and Hartford Street.  

The red Cadillac Thomas was driving remained in the parking lot, where police arrested him and handed his 14-month-old child over to the mother. The mother did not want to go on camera but told News 9 her son was not harmed.

“We didn’t know he had a baby in the car with him,” said Bruner.  

Police said Thomas also had a passenger, but the person bailed during the chase.

“He claimed to not know who the passenger was,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “But he did seem to have knowledge that the person had drugs with him.”   

The passenger was never captured, and police said Thomas was recently released from the Oklahoma County Jail on bond.

“Whatever he did is sad,” said Bruner. “Whatever he did or why he didn’t stop for the police.”

Investigators arrested Thomas two weeks after he allegedly robbed “The Joint” dispensary in Northwest Oklahoma City last month.

News 9 also learned from court documents that Thomas was wanted for burglarizing another marijuana-related business in May.

The owner of “High Point Med” told investigators he had surveillance video and that, "Thomas is clearly one of the two who got into his business and stole marijuana." 

Police confirmed the man's statement. The warrant for Thomas's arrest for burglary was filed the day after the pursuit.

“He should have just stopped, you now,” said Bruner. “You know, to keep himself out of trouble.”

Thomas was arrested following the chase on multiple complaints, including one count of child endangerment.