WELLSTON, Oklahoma - A small Lincoln County fire department has received a big upgrade. 

The Southwest Lincoln County Fire Protection District recently received a new tanker at its Station 2 location.  The vehicle arrived Friday, July 12 and was donated by Dolese Bros Co.

“We are really excited to get it here and get it into service,” said Lt. Brett Conner. “It is a much-needed asset for our district.”

It's an upgrade compared to the station’s old equipment.

“It didn't have any seatbelts, No kind of protection,” said Conner. “We appreciate the forestry and the military donating their used equipment to us. They do have some really awesome stuff that they have donated, but this is a much safer piece of equipment.”

The tanker, named "Ash Kicker,” carries 4,000 gallons of water. Joysticks inside help control the nozzles on the outside.

It's ideal for a small staff.

“It’s a pump and roll so we can engage the pump and drive down the road at the same time, which is another game changer,” said Conner. “Usually, when you have a fire truck, you're stationary.”

With a passion for keeping the community safe, this team is adding another asset in the fight against flames.

“It’s an awesome piece of equipment. It could potentially lower the ISO rating in the district by the amount of water we have on hand, and the amount of water we can get to a location in the event of a fire,” said Conner.

The new tanker is officially on the job; however, the department is working on replacing a hose, adding a radio inside and installing other equipment.