MUSTANG, Oklahoma - A Mustang family is looking for someone who first broke into their home on the 4th of July weekend. It happened around 3:00 a.m. when the family was home and asleep. 

Billy Cottle said the man was able to get into his work car and rummage through his console to find their garage door opener.

“He took my garage door opener and opened the garage,” said Cottle.

Surveillance video was able to catch the thief on camera. You can see him walk around the garage, taking his time looking around. He was able to make off with some power tools.

“I have never had someone get into my car and my house, and look through my things when I am there,” said Cottle.

The man was in the garage for about five minutes, but Cottle said that was enough for him to be scared for his family.

“We have three little kids and they were just a locked garage door away from my family,” said Cottle.

Cottle changed their garage door system as soon as he figured out the thief still had it.

“He had the garage door opener and he was coming back at some point for more,” said Cottle.

They believe he did. Again, the suspect was caught on camera driving up to the house and sticking the opener out the window. You can see the truck park and wait for a little bit. When they didn’t see the garage door open, they left.

“I wish people would work hard for their things instead of take mine,” said Cottle.