OKLAHOMA CITY - Some thieves ripped off an Oklahoma City construction firm, getting away with about $125,000 worth of equipment. And the entire heist took less than a minute. 

On July 2, 2019 at about 2:40 in the morning, the suspects approached the keypad outside the gate of B&H Construction.

“Knew the gate code. No sooner the gate come open, takes about 30 seconds to completely open before the first truck was driving out. The gate wasn’t even open. Three pulled out. Three F-350’s. One with a trailer,” said Shawn Wilson with B&H Construction.

The company kept the keys in the ignition. They don’t do that anymore.

The thieves targeted the newest, most expensive Fords.

“Yeah, they knew right where to go. Supposedly knew right where the GPS’s were in them. Pulled it. When they pulled it, it killed it, set an alarm off,” said Wilson.

Once the alarms went off, the thieves ditched two of the trucks in a nearby neighborhood. The third was brand new and didn’t have GPS installed yet. They took that one. It’s a one of a kind truck that runs on compressed natural gas and has extra tool boxes welded into the back.

Wilson believes it’s an inside job.

“Yeah either they knew somebody that worked here, or they had worked here previously. One or the other,” he said.

B&H got two of the trucks back, but they need the third one.

“It irritates me bad. We are in here every day these guys are sweating making a living, trying to make an honest dollar. They’re there just ripping our company off,” said Wislon.

B&H Construction is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the return of their truck.