OKLAHOMA CITY -  A community center in northeast Oklahoma city is without money and equipment after being broken into over the weekend.

Staff at the NE Oklahoma City Community and Culture Center said someone broke in through a window over the weekend, leaving behind some costly damage.

"We do anything we can to make families work. Anything from feeding, tutoring, providing clothing," said Community Center Director Lori Combs. ,  

Combs has been focused on serving the NE side of the city for the last five years

Around 9 a.m. Sunday, Combs arrived at the Community Center to see that it had been broken into. 

 "I looked down and realized there was glass and paint on the floor," said Combs. "  I noticed someone had thrown a big bucket of paint through the window,"

A money box and stereo system are now missing, but Combs said she thinks the window will be the biggest cost. 

"I'm sure the deductible is more than it is to replace it," she said.  

The director said she's not going to file a police report or an insurance claim, but quickly boarded up the window and kept the center open.

"I think about those that are depending on us for a meal. So if we closed, that would be about 50 to 75 people that depend on us for their Sunday dinner," she said. 

Combs hopes who ever is responsible knows who they really took from.

"I would say shame on you. Shame on you for taking from out community," she said. "So it means there might be people that don't eat because we have to replace the window."

Combs said she's already had an outpouring of support. Someone even donated security cameras to the center.

She's hoping people will keep giving and they can fix the window.

Click here for a link to donate to the community center.