OKLAHOMA CITY - A suspect is behind bars after allegedly stealing a car with two young children inside Wednesday.

Today, we have new video of officials’ interaction with the suspect, James Acosta.

Police said the mother went inside a store on South Agnew Avenue and left the vehicle running and unlocked. Police said that is when the suspect stole the car.

“We swarmed the area. We notified OHP. We notified Canadian County, Oklahoma County and all the surrounding metro agencies,” said Officer Michael Norris.

Police were able to track the car. But they were careful with the pursuit since there were children in the car.

Police said that the man pulled over after some time and got out of the vehicle.

That is when Acosta told police why he took the car. He said he was just trying to take the kids home.

Police found the SUV stopped near Southwest 25th Street and South Youngs Boulevard. Police said there was no connection between the family and Acosta.

The suspect is facing two complaints of kidnapping, among other charges.