MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Security is a top priority at Tinker Air Force Base. Technology always helps, but perhaps the most important assent comes on four legs. 

From JoJo to Eelijah, Syrius and Duke, they are just some of the military working dogs with an important duty.

“Their keen sense of sight, smell and hearing contribute to the success of what they bring to the fight here and overseas,” said Sgt. James Maloy, Kennel Master at Tinker Air Force Base.

Keeping an eye and nose out for narcotics and explosives at gates, these pups also work to help keep the peace.

“Responding with a military working dog greatly deescalates the situation and stops us from really having to do anything else than take the suspect and process them,” said Sgt. Maloy.

The backyard area serves as a space for both work and play. An obedience course keeps the body and minds of these "fur missiles" in top shape.

“It also builds that confidence that the dog needs in order to pursue a suspect,” said Sgt. Maloy. “They may jump through a window, they may hide into a culvert or they may go upstairs, down stairs.”

There is also this training for real life scenarios. With a bite strong enough to break human bones, these animals are no joke. Bonds created here last a lifetime.

“Unlike a human, that's all these dogs know so they would do anything and everything to please the handler and meet the commander’s intent,” said Sgt. Maloy.

Tinker’s military dogs and their handlers will be at the Friday, July 26 Dodgers game held at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

The main breeds at Tinker are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Tinker officials said the dogs are purchased from vendors from Lackland Air Force Base.  Each dog will spend their entire career at an assigned base before retiring, usually around 6-years-old.