Back in May, John Slate was stuck on the side of Interstate 40 near El Reno. Severe weather had caused major flooding and shut down the interstate. 

News 9's Ashley Holden interviewed Slate that day and that's when the famous "pork rinds and a nap" phrase was born. Sooner fans celebrated the 'horns down Slate sneaked into the interview. 

Now, Slate is known as "The Pork Rinds Guy" and his original interview has spread all over. From ESPN to local radio stations, Slate said he's felt the newfound fame. 

He's even started his own YouTube channel and Facebook page

News 9 caught back up with Slate six weeks after the interview. He jokingly said he's the biggest "thing" since Gary England.

Slate is a dad of two and lives in southwest Oklahoma City. He's a political nut, an OU sports memorabilia collector and cheers on all the Oklahoma City sports teams.  

Together, he, his wife and their kids love eating pork rinds and watching some Sooner athletics.