OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say a recent crime caught on camera is trending, it's called jugging. It's when thieves watch a customer leave from a bank or ATM, follow the victim until they park their car and go into a business. Within seconds, they break into the car and steal the cash. 

Police say within the past several months, they've taken at least nine reports of jugging. Most of the culprits pull up in a vehicle with Texas plates.

“We believe the people perpetrating the crime come up from Texas. They are renting cars there and driving the cars up here to commit the crime,” said Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight.              

Surveillance video captured the most recent case. Police say a red SUV followed a pickup to a recent business after watching it leave a bank.

“They're waiting for someone who looks like they’re holding cash, often times it's a bank bag or they have an envelope partially stuffed in their pocket,” said Knight.

Once the victim walked into the business, the suspect jumped out of the SUV. Out of the camera’s line of sight, witnesses told police they saw the suspect, armed with a crow bar, hammer out the vehicle's window and snatch a bank bag.     

“Stealing is a crime of opportunity and if they see a crime like to grab a large sum of cash, a thief is certainly going to do so,” said Knight.

Stalking patrons as they leave banks or ATMs is something, police say, makes for an easy pay day for thieves.

“It’s a different way of doing that type of business. It's probably more lucrative for them than the simple auto burglaries that they commit,” said Knight.

Police said when leaving a machine or bank, always be aware of your surroundings.

“Just be vigilant. If you're walking around with cash, if you’re coming out of a bank or ATM, you should be more cautious anyway,” said Knight.