A new neighborhood in southwest Oklahoma City already has residents just 10 months after starting construction. 
The Wheeler District is known for the ferris wheel by the river and Wheeler Park, but down the road dozens of homes are popping up. 
"The whole concept was based on whole new urbanism concepts," said Vice President of Wheeler Homes Josh Kitchen.  "Which means you don't want to create a neighborhood that's just homes its very mixed use so creating a walkable, bikeable neighborhood."
18 families have already moved into the 60 homes that are apart of phase one of the development. 
One of those families is Claire Sengupta and Luis Chavez. The pair are teachers and were originally drawn in my Wheeler Park but eventually were convinced by the location. 
"Mostly just the area close to downtown, but [also] close to the Hispanic community and the diversity that we saw," described Chavez. 
"Everything is within a five minute drive," said Sengupta. "We get both sides of the OKC area."
The couple are looking forward to getting married and possibly growing their family in the three bedroom home, that's considered one of the developments "cottages". 
Currently 35 more homes are undergoing construction. All but one are sold. 
Developers said this is the just the beginning for the area. 
"There will be over 700 single family homes, condos, restaurants [and] retail," described Kitchen. "So it's more of a community where it's not just a subdivision of homes. You have places to go." 
Developers said that long term goal will take eight to ten phases. 
But even now, they said their overall vision is evident even in the architecture of the homes.
"The big concept is every home has a nice front porch," said Kitchen. "We believe that architecture will inspire community. So when you put a really big front porch it almost accidentally forces people to meet there neighbors." 
Kitchen said more homes will be finished in the next few months. They are hoping phase one will help give people a small view at their vision for the district.
"What we've tried to do in phase one is have a little village, a little piece of what's to come," said Kitchen. "We want Wheeler to be a place for everybody."
For more information on the new neighborhood head to the district's official website