SHAWNEE, Oklahoma -

The Pottawatomie County district attorney has filed hate crime charges against two white men who were caught on camera beating a black man in Shawnee. 

Brandon Killian was arrested in Oklahoma County last week after he missed a court date here for previous drugs and stolen vehicle charges.
That was after he and Devan Johnson were arrested, and now charged, with aggravated assault and battery, conspiracy and malicious intimidation for attacking a man outside a Shawnee music venue.
In Oklahoma, those charges fall under the state's hate crime statute. 
Last month on June 22, the two men allegedly assaulted Jarric Deshawn Carolina in the parking lot of the Brickhouse Saloon in Shawnee. The District Attorneys office said both men also shouted racial slurs at Carolina during the beating .
Killian has also been charged with preparing false evidence, after repeatedly punching himself in the face to make it look like he was hurt in the fight. Killian has claimed he acted in self defense.
Carolina's personal attorney said he suffered major injuries from the attack and has yet to return to work. He also said that Carolina developed an eye socket injury and has trouble walking and remembering things.

Carolina said he also plans to pursue civil rights lawsuits against both men.