OKLAHOMA CITY - A suspect is locked up after allegedly stealing an SUV with a 4-year-old and 8-month-old inside, according to OKC police. 

Police said the mother went inside a store on S. Agnew and left the vehicle on and unlocked. That's reportedly when the suspect stole the Nissan Armada.

No injuries were reported. The dramatic rescue was caught on camera. 

“We swarmed the area. We notified OHP. We notified Canadian County, Oklahoma County, all the surrounding metro agencies,” said Officer Michael Norris.

A nearby business caught the crime on security footage but won't be releasing it until OKC detectives give the go-ahead. Those employees said the Armada was parked for quite a while before it was stolen.

As police cruisers circled the block, Bob Mills Sky News 9 scanned over the scene from above.

Turns out officers were able to track the car, because the mother left her phone inside. But that's not all.

“She was still making payments on it from the car lot on SW 29th. A lot of those car lots have tracking devices on their vehicles. We got an officer down there. They have live tracking. It basically instantaneous,” Officer Norris said.

Police found the SUV stopped near 25th and S. Youngs. They add that the alleged victims and suspect have no connection. However, officers said he had an odd reason for stealing the SUV.

“His excuse was, I was just trying to take them home,” Officer Norris said.

The suspect is facing at least two complaints of kidnapping, among other charges.