BETHANY, Oklahoma - Police say a homeowner came face to face with a burglar. His doorbell captured the suspects Bethany police are now looking for. 

Police say one of the women, who appeared pregnant, made an unsuccessful attempt to gain entry Saturday. She returned 13 hours later with a friend who had better luck. 

Police are hoping someone recognizes the women caught on camera.

One of them was first captured walking through a neighbor's lawn before attempting to break into a home. Police said after removing a window screen, the woman made sure no one was watching, and then tugged at the window in an attempt to open it.

“Initially we thought she may have been coming up to the door, but then she started to check the windows to see if they were open, and even stole some mail,” said Bethany Police Lt. Angelo Orefice.

Lt. Orefice said the woman returned later with a friend.

“She was taking screens off windows until she found one that was open,” said Lt. Orefice.      

One of the women walked out of the camera's view, going around to the rear of the home where she entered the occupied house.

“According to the victim, she came through the bathroom and she had opened his bedroom door, and she came face to face,” said Lt. Orefice.          

The owners were already up after they were stirred awake by their “Ring” security alarm.

“They did have a Ring doorbell, which goes to your phone that sends an alarm that someone is there,” said Lt. Orefice.

“After an exchange of words, police said the woman is seen running the front door and managed to get away,” said Lt. Orefice.

Police want to find both women who are endangering the public, themselves, and possibly an unborn child.            

“It looks like she’s desperate, either she’s desperate for money or something, because normal pregnant women don't commit crimes like that,” said Lt. Orefice.

One of the women appears to have a large distinct tattoo on her right arm.