BLANCHARD, Oklahoma - Casey Cotten says she and her 4-year-old daughter were nearly ran over while checking the mail last week, outside their Blanchard home. 

The mother says she was filled with rage by the driver’s carelessness and decided to make a sign reading, “Slow the (expletive) down!”

The homemade sign quickly spread on social media.

“The attention is what I was wanting to get,” Cotten said. “The attention is to the drivers and especially to him.”

Despite multiple calls to Blanchard Police Tuesday, the department said no one was available to comment on traffic in the area.

While sitting in front of Cotten’s house Tuesday afternoon, few cars drove by, but those that did were not keeping it under the posted 25 mile per hour speed limit.

“I want him to slow down and I want other people to abide by the speed limit, and I want the cops to patrol the streets a lot better,” Cotten said.

And while some other neighbors say they would have preferred less vulgar signage, they too hope speeds come down.