SULPHUR, Oklahoma - A dramatic 911 call captured the moment witnesses saw a man shoot his wife, and then turned the gun on himself. The tragic scene unfolded over the weekend in Sulphur in Murray County. 

According to police, the couple identified as Robert and Davelyn Cookmeyer had been together for about a decade. They married about a year and a half ago.

Despite the nature of their relationship, Saturday was the first time police had ever been called to their home.

911 Caller: “You have to send the ambulance and police! They just shot each other and  I witnessed it!”          

Dispatchers were told shots had been fired, and earlier in the day the couple had argued.

“He chased her across the road about 100 yards south of their residence to a cabin, and he shot her before they got to the front porch,” said Sulphur Police Chief David Shores.

911 Caller: “They are not moving! I saw him shoot her and shoot himself ma'am.”           

Police say Davelyn Cookmeyer was running for help, when her husband Robert shot her in the back of the head as she called out to a neighbor for help.

“He opened the door and she said, 'call 911 my husband is crazy,' and the shots went off,” said Chief Shores.         

911 Caller: “These people are here dead next door! I think that's what I just witnessed!”

When emergency responders arrived, police said Robert was dead and his wife was next to him still breathing. She was transported to a local hospital where she later died.

OSBI was called in to process the crime scene. Police have not said what the couple was arguing about.