OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City has a new police chief. The City named long-time officer Wade Gourley as the new head of the department. 

Gourley will be the city's 50th police chief. Gourley has been with the Oklahoma City Police Department for 30 years working his way up through the ranks.

“I want to give the glory for all I’ve been given to God,” said Gourley, as he started to tear up. 

Since 1989, the biggest change Gourley said he's experienced is technology, including body cameras and the transparency it brings to the department. Trust, as well as leadership, and helping people are the three main things the new chief said are most important.

Gourley said he wants to increase engagement with the community to prevent crimes before they happen. A big part of that would be through social media.

“I just want them to know I’m a part of the community too,” Gourley said when asked when he wanted the citizens to know about him. “I want to go out in my neighborhood, and walk the dog, and feel safe just the same that they do. I want them to know if they call the police for anything.”

The FOP says they are excited about the choice and look forward to working with Chief Gourley to improve morale and the working conditions of officers.