OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City will soon get a clearer picture of what is going to end up in the MAPS 4 ballot in December. 

The City is hosting four meetings at city hall starting Tuesday, July 9 at 9 a.m.

Palomar, which helps domestic violence victims, will have a presentation on a new facility.

Also, presentations on parks, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails and streetlights will be on the agenda.

A plan to improve the Freedom Center, which has civil rights historical significances, will also be presented Tuesday morning.

A total of 16 projects will be discussed over the next month.

“We’ve never done this before in MAPS projects, but I always want the public to have full knowledge of what we we’re talking and thinking about,” said OKC Mayor David Holt.

Mayor Holt said the 16 projects were chosen from hundreds of ideas submitted to the City.

The MAPS 4 vote will be in December.

The second meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 11. Presentations include transit, homelessness and the proposed diversion hub to help those in the foster and criminal justice systems.