OKLAHOMA CITY - In an effort to revamp the state’s reputation, Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell (R) is aiming to overhaul the state logo, reputation and license plates.

According to NewsOK, Pinnell, who also serves as the state’s secretary of tourism and branding, wants to change state welcome signs along highway borders, updating them to be selfie ready. He also wants to create a new state logo, which differs across the state’s websites.

As for the state slogan, Pinnell wants to move away from the unofficial slogan “Oklahoma is OK” and toward something more iconic akin to "Virginia is for lovers" or "I love New York."

The current light blue and scissortail plates have been much criticized since they were unveiled by Governor Mary Fallin in 2016. Experts do recommend getting new plates every five years so the new plates would likely arrive right on time. There's no estimate on a cost yet but $3.8 million was set aside for the last round of plates.

In all this, Pinnell said it's up to Oklahomans to take control of the state's brand saying if Oklahomans don't define it then the rest of the 49 states will. Oklahomans can take a short survey to help create the new brand at projectbluesky.ok.gov