Weatherford High School alums from the Class of 1959 are celebrating their 60th high school reunion this weekend. 

Yukon resident Coy Sullivan was one the students in that class.  In fact, he and his twin sister Joy were two of the three valedictorians that year. 

Way back in 1959, Coy lost his senior class ring, and it really bugged him over the years. 

After receiving his engineering degree at Oklahoma State University, he worked for 40 years at Tinker Air Force Base. 

In 2017, Coy finally caught a break concerning his class ring.

A woman in Augusta, Georgia, named Ann Caldwell contacted Weatherford Public Schools Superintendent Chad Wilson, and told him that she had found a 1959 Weatherford High School class ring with the initials “C.S.” 

Turns out, Caldwell’s late husband’s family once operated Clinton Laundry And Cleaners, which is the place where Coy used to have his clothes cleaned.

“I was proud of that ring, too,” Coy Sullivan said Friday afternoon.  “In fact, I took it off and put it in my pocket quite often, because I didn’t want to get soap on it when I washed my hands." 

Coy thinks he probably just left the ring in the pocket of his pants one day back in 1959.  

It took Wilson about a year to finally track Coy Sullivan down, through Coy’s son Justin on Facebook. 

Caldwell mailed the ring back to Coy Sullivan in March, and he’ll be wearing it this weekend at the class reunion.

“This whole sequence of events is a real good commentary of how good most Americans are,” Coy Sullivan said.