NORMAN, Oklahoma - Norman police have released new body camera footage of a suspect after he was tackled by officers following a police chase.

Investigators think Luke Armstrong is tied to multiple crime scenes around the city.

He is accused of several violent crimes, including a robbery and separate home invasion.

Police said a suspect broke into a home shortly before 1:30 a.m. Monday on Belknap Avenue.

The victim said he was assaulted by multiple people.

Officers said the thieves stole car and house keys from that property.

Moments later, Ryan Mansell, an OU senior, said he was robbed leaving a friend’s home on Elmwood Drive.

“(I) got kind of a weird feeling. The car pulled up, where I couldn't get out. So, I am thinking at that point, do I know these guys or maybe these people are just messing with me,” said Mansell.

He said men stepped out of a black Land Rover and held a gun to his head.

They demanded his car keys, but they were only able to get his cellphone, Mansell said.

One of his friend’s saw the incident from the nearby home.

“Like I said, it all kind of happened in 10 seconds,” Mansell said. “He grabbed my phone, and pistol-whipped my in the face and they were gone.”

Police chased the suspect's vehicle, and eventually used a PIT maneuver to stop the car near 12th and Robinson.

Court documents reveal Armstrong said "he found the vehicle abandoned" and "took a TV, and backpack from the Land Rover" and put it in his car.

But, that he also decided to drive "the vehicle to a gas station so it could be found easier."

He claimed that's when police tried to pull him over.

Body camera shows the end of the pursuit, and officers said they received minor injuries after fighting with the suspect.

As for the other potential suspects, there aren’t any updates yet.

Mansell said most of them covered their faces during the robbery.

However, Mansell said he does remember Armstrong being at the crime scene.

Armstrong’s bond was set at $100,000.