OKLAHOMA CITY - Week seven of the state’s historic trial against opioid maker Johnson & Johnson is scheduled to start on Monday, but the drugmaker said they want the trial to be over right now.

Johnson & Johnson claims the state did not prosecute a sound case, and they're asking the judge to end the trial early, and rule in their favor.

On Wednesday, before the case took a break for the holiday, the defense filed a motion for an early judgment.

The motion argues that Johnson & Johnson and Janssen "did everything a responsible manufacturer of prescription opioid medicines should do," including always complying with rules of the federal Food and Drug Administration.

It also argues that the state has failed to acknowledge other "driving factors" of the crisis within its borders, including the illegal diversion of opioid pills and the flow of illicit drugs.

District Judge Thad Balkman, who is presiding over the non-jury trial, has not ruled on the defense's motion at this time.

“We believe that we have good products. And we believe our products have potential benefits for appropriate patients. We seek to go out every day and educate clinicians in a compliant manner in fair balance with our FDA approved package insert and answer any questions physicians have,” said Johnson & Johnson Senior District Manager, Jason Flanary.

Monday at 9 a.m., both the state and the defense will have one hour to argue the merits and opposition to the Defendant's Motion for a Directed Verdict.

News 9 will be in the courtroom when that happens.