CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Investigators are searching for the thief or thieves that stole fireworks from Cleveland County children.

Sometime Wednesday night, someone crawled through a tent belonging to the Little Axe Cheerleaders, and stole some of their merchandise.

The cheer coach said that she has sold fireworks for 20-years, and this is the first-time someone has taken advantage of their shop.

“Closed the stand-up, got everything ready for today. We got up this morning, and my husband opened the tent like we do every day, and we noticed that some things. A lot of things were missing. We took a pretty hard hit of merchandise,” said Shandelle Self. “It was a little over 1,000 that was taken from us. A 1,000 if a lot for us.”

The money raised by the cheer team will help buy uniforms, poms and mirrors for the school’s new cheer facility.

Loyal customers said they are trying to help the girls get back on their feet.

The stand will be open from now until Saturday and is located off Highway 9 and Edgewood Terrace.

“It makes me feel sad that people break in to do it. It cost them part of their money that they earn. Come out and support them, make it up,” said Stephanie Oliphant.

A police report has been filed.

Because the suspects stole from a shop that's right in the middle of a grocery store parking lot, they will check to see if there is surveillance footage.