EDMOND, Oklahoma - For the first time since prohibition started in 1919, Oklahomans can legally buy liquor in liquor stores on Independence Day in Oklahoma. 

“Honestly for not knowing that I think kits pretty cool especially with us being the procrastinators that we are. it’s kinda nice to be able to grab a little bit of booze before we head over to our party.” Said Justin Goff, a customer at Second Street Wine Company in Edmond.

In 2016, Oklahomans passed State Question 792, modernizing many of the state’s liquor laws. The law allows liquor stores to stay open on most holidays. It went into effect in October of 2018, making this the first Independence Day that liquor stores can sell booze in a century.

“We’ve seen a pretty good response.” Said Jack Smith of Second Street Wine Company, “Had a few people coming in first thing.  Phones been ringing off the hook. ‘Are you guys open today? Are you guys open today?  We need to find out.’ It’s been a really great response so far.”

That said you still can’t buy liquor in liquor stores on Thanksgiving or Christmas.