GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - Grady County has added 202 beds to a new jail facility, caddy corner to the Grady County Sheriff’s Office. The 13,000 square-foot building replaces the original Grady County Jail that was constructed way back in 1934. 

Jail Administrator Jim Gerlach said the Grady County Criminal Justice Authority is using money collected from the federal government to house “federal inmates”, to cover the $4.2 million price tag.

“Most of the jails in the state are suffering from deterioration, and unfortunately a lot of them are going to face foreclosure, if they are not up to minimum jail standards,” said Gerlach.

Gerlach said the first inmates could move into the new facility as soon as late next week.

The county hopes to close the old Grady County Jail that sits on the third floor of the county courthouse.