OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is creating a new office to expand the state's public transportation.

The executive director for ODOT said the state has never been more focused on transit than now. That’s why they created the Office of Mobility and Public Transit.

They’ve also already dedicated state and federal funding for transit services in both urban and rural areas.

According to our partners at the Journal Record, the new office will take on all existing responsibilities from ODOT's Transit Division. This includes oversight and management of the state's public transit systems, and the federal grants the agency receives.

The office will also work to develop a statewide public transit policy which will address major expansions to the state's current public transit network, especially into rural Oklahoma.

The executive director of ODOT said the new office will conduct an independent audit of Oklahoma's current public transit systems to determine where improvements are needed.

ODOT is still figuring out what kind of budget and resources is needed for the Office of Mobility and Public Transit.