OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman, who was in the news last year after taking her four children to a complete stranger’s home while she was high on meth, is in the news again.  

It was just about a year ago that News 9 first told you about Sierra Eastep. It’s hard to tell a story like that, and it’s even harder to hear because stories like this usually don’t have happy endings. But this one does.

News 9 went with Eastep when she went back to the stranger’s home where she took her kids a year ago, to thank that stranger for being so kind, for calling the police and for caring enough to make a difference.

Eastep said she remembers the day she first met Melissa Yeargain. Eastep struggled with depression and would self-medicate with meth. She was alone and desperate.

“I was just really, really high to be honest. And I remember looking around the living room and thinking my children are suffering right now. And I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know where else to go. I didn’t have a phone. There was no air conditioning and it’s the middle of July. It’s burning up outside. I had no food, no milk for the babies that night,” recalled Eastep.

Every addict has a rock bottom and that was hers.

“When I was in jail and I saw myself on News 9 last time, I kinda got a motivation and determination to do this. To come back and say, look that’s where I was, and I’m going to come back and show everybody I’m not that anymore,” said Eastep.

She is enrolled in a program called “Remerge,” which is for mothers struggling with addiction. Eastep has been clean and sober for 11 months. It all started with a few kind words from a complete stranger.

“I just wanted to say that what you did for us last year has changed our lives. I don’t know that I did anything so big,” said Eastep.

“She changed me and my children’s lives for the better, and I’m very grateful for what she did that night. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it really did a lot for us,” said Eastep.

A few kind words to forever change a young life. 

“Thank you. You kinda made my day. Darn it. I’m a bit of a crier,” said Yeargain.