OKLAHOMA CITY - Newly release police body camera footage shows the moment a man was arrested for the abuse of his own mother. That woman, Mari Miller, died days later at the hospital from what officers are calling “long-term abuse and neglect.” 

Now, Carlton Nault is accused of second-degree murder among other charges.

News 9 has gathered court documents, and police reports show Nault had been violent toward his mother in multiple other crimes.

In 2002, Nault plead guilty to threatening his mother with a knife, stating that he would kill her.

In 2005, another guilty plea after Nault, "used a metal pole" "to strike (victim) across the top of the head..."

Finally, in 2011, Nault’s mother was found with "bedsores" and appeared malnourished, weighing about "80 pounds.” Nault plead guilty again.

In this case, officers rolled up to an apartment complex near Northwest 36th Street and Meridian Avenue on June 13. They received a report of possible elder abuse involving Nault.

When the police knocked on the door, body camera footage shows Nault putting up a fight. Dogs barked chaotically in the background.

Officer: “I got a call that your over here hitting your mom and throwing things at her.”

Police found Nault's mother, Mari Miller, sitting in a recliner nearly unresponsive with noticeable injuries. They said feces covered the home, and there was no food or running water.

Witnesses recalled that previously they heard Nault tell his mother, "Why don't you just lay on your bed and die."

Miller was taken to the hospital that day but passed away on Tuesday.

Years before she died, Miller told police her son became violent when he drinks.