OKLAHOMA CITY - After being attacked by two pit bulls on Monday in Cleveland County, Haylee Joe Bischel, woke up Thursday afternoon from a medically induced coma. 

When Haylee was rushed to the hospital on Monday, she went right in to a 12 -hour surgery. Since then, she has been on a ventilator. But now, she is making progress.

Through the week Haylee’s hospital room has been full of visitors. One of them being Joshua Buff, who has been in Haylee’s life since she was born.

“You love a child, I mean she is my niece, but I love her like she is my own,” said Buff.

Haylee’s wounds are extensive, and it will take her a long time to recover.

“There is 11 feet of wounds on this little girl’s body,” said Buff. “That isn’t just a bite here or there, 11 stiches and she goes home, this girl has major damage.”

It hasn’t been easy for Buff to see his little girl in so much pain.

“I try and act tough because I am a grown man,” said Buff. “I’ve shed a lot of tears and I have seen my brother shed a lot of tears.”

Buff has tried to be by the 7-year-old’s side as much as he can. One person though has never left her side, that would be Haylee’s dad.

“She was so scared of being alone in the hospital that she told her daddy don’t leave me, and he made a promise that he would not leave the hospital until she does,” said Buff.

Since Haylee’s dad is not leaving the hospital, he’s not working. So, family and friends are working to raise money to help keep the family afloat.

If you would like to help you can click here to visit their GoFundMe page.