OKLAHOMA CITY - An accused rapist was heard on Oklahoma City officers body cameras making casual conversation during his arrest. 

The officers body cameras were rolling as they approached Rodney Arnold, 33, inside the victim's northeast Oklahoma City home.

The victim's family was there as police walked Arnold in handcuffs out of their loved ones’ home, and said he showed no remorse.

During the arrest, Arnold told officers he did not do anything.

In the newly released footage, the suspect appeared reluctant to officers’ commands.

Officer: “Let me see your hands, let me see your hands!”

Arnold attempted to hide behind a door inside the disabled 69-year-old victim's home. With guns pointed, officers commanded Arnold to get on the ground multiple times.

The victim told police on Monday that Arnold followed her to her home. He allegedly forced his way inside and terrorized the woman.

Police said the victim was held against her will at knifepoint and raped twice. She reportedly escaped the home to call police only for Arnold to find her and bring her back.

They found Arnold inside the woman’s home.

Officer: “On your belly!”

Arnold: “I didn’t do nothing.”

Officer: “Put your hands behind your back now! Put your hands behind your back!”

Arnold: “I didn’t do nothing.”

Officer: “Put em behind your back.”

As officers handcuffed Arnold, he asked them how they are doing and tried to make conversation.   

Arnold: “How are we doing sir?”

Officer: “Oh, I’m doing fantastic how about you?”

Officer: “Why you in here? Just keep cooperating and we’ll sort this out.”

Arnold: “That’s my girl.”

Officer: “Huh?”

Arnold: “That’s my girl, we be arguing all the time, yeah.”

Despite what Arnold told officers, the victim's daughter said he was a complete stranger to her mother and her family.

“I haven’t slept since this happened,” said Tacha Adams, victim’s daughter. “I know my mom is going through the same thing.”

To make matters worse, the man accused of violating Adams’s mother and threatening to take her life, smiled as he was being taken to jail.  

“It was just ugly what he done,” said Darlene Armstrong, victim’s sister. “Like yeah, I did it. What are you going to do about it?”

Arnold is currently in the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of rape, kidnapping, burglary and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.