The moment an accused rapist was arrested was caught on video. 

The victim’s family says while they witnessed Rodney Arnold’s arrest, they won’t be satisfied until he's punished to the full extent of the law.

“I pray to God that they give him the death sentence on this, because that's what he deserves,” said the victim’s daughter Tacha Adams.

“Her being 69 years old, really? Couldn't you do something else?” said the victim’s sister Darlene Armstrong.

Adams and Armstrong said even while being walked past their family, Arnold showed no remorse.

Video shows him grinning at outraged family members as he was placed in the back of a patrol car.

“For him to sit in the police cars and taunt the family like this, was a joke. I don’t have no sympathies for him,” said Adams.

Following the attack, Adams rushed to her mother's side.

“When I pulled up and I saw all the yellow tape around my mom’s house, my thought was it was something tragic,” said Adams.

And while her mother survived, Adams said, the brutal assault has taken its toll.     

“I haven't slept since this happened, and I know my mom is going through the same thing,” said Adams.

Armstrong said her sister's attack is proof that Arnold is a heartless monster. 

“It could have been his mother, it could have been his sister, it could have been his girlfriend, matter fact, it could be him, cause in the system they don't care for rapists,” said Armstrong.

“That's my heart and that's something he has hurt, and he's going to pay for that,” said Adams.