SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - A long-time Shawnee daycare provider is under scrutiny, after the alleged assault of a 19-month-old child outside the facility.  

The incident reportedly happened Tuesday, June 25 at “The Shawnee Learning Center,” which sits next to Great Plains Kubota on State Highway 177.

The child’s mother Latasha Nanaeto told News 9 Great Plains employees alerted day care provider Tina Butts that one of her employees had assaulted the child. Nanaeto says the Pottawatomie Sheriff’s Office has surveillance video of the incident.

“If I see that my son’s been knocked around like a rag doll, I don’t know what I’m gonna [sic] do,” said Nanaeto.

Tina Butts said she fired the employee involved, and she will cooperate with any law enforcement agencies involved.

The sheriff’s office told News 9 there is “a recording” involved, and they are still investigating.