MOORE, Oklahoma - In March, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority began investigating Ivy League Cannabis. The dispensary received complaints that the 4th Street location in Moore was located too close to a public school

“We received a call from an employee of the school that was concerned that it was possibly too close to Vista Day School,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department.

In April, the OMMA asked the dispensary to relocate because it was out of compliance.

The owner argued, at the time, that he followed all the proper procedures down to the letter.

“We did all the research. We triple checked with the state just to make sure,” said Owner Jason Greene.

News 9 discovered that Wednesday, June 26 the 4th Street shop is still open.

The OMMA released this statement:

“OMMA is working through our administrative procedures and coordinating with OBN to resolve this matter.”

So, News 9 called the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, which said, it will look into the case. The OBN is not sure if this type of case is theirs to investigate under the rules of State Question 788 pertaining to schools.

Right now, neither the OMMA nor OBN know what's next. This is new territory.

But the OMMA director told News 9 last week, in general, more changes are on the way.

“The new legislation that just passed, that will go into effect in late august. That will really expand our compliance arm,” said Director of the OMMA Adrienne Rollins.

News 9 did reach out the dispensary Wednesday but have not heard back.