CEMENT, Oklahoma - The interim police chief of Cement was arrested after being accused of soliciting a child for lewd acts. 

According to investigators, 40-year-old Stacy Don Burger drove his car to Chickasha to ask a 16-year old girl for oral sex on March 26, 2019.

Burger was arrested Tuesday, June 25, 2019 and his bond was set at $100,000.

“When officers commit this kind of crime, they undermine that trust, that strikes at the very heart of our mission,” said Assistant District Attorney Andrew Benedict.

The alleged victim and Burger knew each other, according to police.

Police said Burger was like a “role model” and a “father figure” to the teenage girl.

The alleged victim did tell Burger she would participate in sexual activity, and he left the home that day. However, law enforcement reports the suspect contacted the victim on social media and sent text messages after visiting her home. They add, those messages are now strong evidence in the case.

“By having Mr. Burger state what he wanted to do with her, and how much money he would give her for those acts,” said ADA Benedict.

Court documents reveal Burger confessed to the allegations saying, "…I'm a professional, I am not going to deny anything, I was off duty, in my own car this wasn't tied to my job at all."

However, he also admitted to, "trying to contact a second juvenile female…"

For that reason, investigators believe there could be other victims.

Burger was also the only officer in the town, Cement does not currently have a police force. Instead, the Caddo County Sheriff will respond to criminal activity.

“The town has been informed of the charges against Officer Burger and we are closely monitoring the situation,” said Trustee Christina Talbert. “We take allegations of this conduct seriously.”

The District Attorney's Office says they hope to repair the trust between law enforcement and the communities involved.

“We will prosecute Mr. Burger harshly,” said ADA Benedict.

News 9 reached out to Burger’s relative for comment who said, “He is a loving, kind hearted man. That cares about is family.”