NORMAN, Oklahoma - Not many cities across the metro allow people to light their own fireworks within city limits. One man is helping to solve that problem by offering a safe space for your Independence Day celebrations. 

“Park and Pop” is being held at Premier Sportsplex in Norman from June 28 to July 6 from 8 p.m. until midnight. The event, organized by Chris Shatswell and his family, is an opportunity for the public to safely light off fireworks.

“We put out fire resistant launch pads, so you have a nice flat safe spot to shoot your fireworks off in,” said Shatswell.

The Shatswell family came up with the idea after moving back to the metro from Dallas.

“It is just a place where people can come shoot their fireworks off in a legal area,” said Shatswell. “A place where you’re not bothering your neighbors or catching fire to random things or sneaking off to someone's private land to shoot fireworks, but yet it's still in the metro.”

Premier Sportsplex is located on property outside of both Moore and Norman city limits.

Serving our country in the Army, Shatswell has a background with explosives. With a family full of service men and women, Independence Day has always been something extra special.

“It has always been one of the highlights of my year to get with my family and shoot of fireworks and have a fun day of it,” said Shatswell. “It’s always been a family tradition, right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving.”

A taco and snow cone truck have been scheduled for the event. It’ll cost $20 a vehicle.  Participants do need to bring their own fireworks. Click here to book your spot.

The Shatswell family hopes to share its tradition and appreciation with others, safely.

“It means a lot more when you are willing to put yourself out there to defend (our country),” said Shatswell. “I don't take it for granted, I know what it cost us to have it.”

Shatswell says he may plan another event next year if this is successful.