EDMOND, Oklahoma - University of Central Oklahoma’s police department released an officer’s body camera footage from a shooting near campus. 

University police responded first to the scene on Saturday, June 22 involving Jackson Morris, 19, near east Edwards Street and Bauman Avenue.  

As UCO officers rolled up to Morris’s home, he can be seen in the front yard. He scrambled up the porch and fell into the front glass door.  

Moments before, a rooftop camera on a campus building caught Morris running through a parking lot. His girlfriend called 911.

911 Dispatcher: “Edmond 911?”

Caller: “Uh yeah, my boyfriend is running around the UCO parking lot. He took too much acid and he’s having a bad trip.”

She also admitted to taking acid and said she was scared.

Morris allegedly got into an altercation with a neighbor who was mowing her lawn. She called to report his bizarre behavior and said she feared for her family's safety.

Caller: “I was outside mowing my lawn, and my neighbor started acting really crazy and ran into the parking lot of UCO. I’m gonna [sic] go inside in case somebody starts shooting.”  

That is exactly what happened.

Police said Morris peeked through a front window and took aim at the officers, he fired a gun several times. At that moment, the UCO officer ran for cover.

No one was injured by gunfire, but police said one round did hit a nearby home.

Morris came back outside. There was not audio on the body camera video of officer’s yelling commands, but police said Morris did not comply and was tased several times before being taken into custody.

Morris faces complaints of shooting with intent to kill and has since been released from the Oklahoma County Jail on an $85,000 bond.

UCO officials said the injured officer did not have any broken bones but was severely bruised. The officer is expected to return to work later this week.

Morris's first court appearance is set for Wednesday, July 24.