A 69-year-old woman was held at knife point and raped inside her own home, according to OKC police.

Investigators said officers responded to two trouble unknown calls around 2 p.m. Monday, June 24, near Northeast 23rd Street and North Lottie Avenue.

The victim told arriving officers that an unknown man, now identified as 33-year-old Rodney Arnold, offered to help her carry furniture to her home. 

The woman, who uses a cane, took him up on the offer.

“After they carried the furniture up to her house, he asked for some water,” said Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police. 

The victim stated that she asked Arnold to wait outside, but he quickly followed behind her and grabbed her arm while using his other hand to squeeze her neck. The victim told police she was then pinned to the floor. Arnold reportedly took out a knife and demanded the victim have sex with him, according to the report. 

The victim stated that she was held at knifepoint and forced to remove her pants, before Arnold forced himself on her.

According to the report, Arnold asked the victim for money after the alleged rape. The victim said she used the opportunity to escape and seek help. She said she called 911 and tried knocking on several doors. 

The victim told police Arnold was able to catch her. He reportedly dragged the victim back inside of her home at knifepoint into a back bedroom.

And while a 911 call made by neighbors sent police to the home, they quickly left.

“Officers tried to make contact with someone inside and they were unable to,” said Morgan.

The victim said she then heard a loud knock at her front door and authorities shout, "Police!" She said Arnold threatened to kill her if she made any noise. 

While holding the knife, the victim said Arnold demanded she take off her clothes and allegedly raped her a second time. 

After the second attack, the victim said Arnold demanded she get him food. She said she was once again able to escape and wait for police at a nearby home, according to the police report. 

When officers arrived, Arnold was reportedly still inside of the victim's home. 

The victim's family shared photos taken of Arnold during his arrest.

Arnold was booked on one complaint of rape, one complaint of kidnapping, one complaint of burglary and one complaint of assault with a dangerous weapon. 

Arnold recently spent time in prison for burglary, and assault on a police officer.

Records show Arnold was released from prison in March.