SPENCER, Oklahoma - A Spencer man is expected to be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Officials said on Friday, Kevis Franklin was driving when he struck a horse and a 15-year-old rider leaving rodeo practice. 

Community members are asking drivers to pay attention when they drive through the area.

“By putting your cell phones down and paying attention to the road ahead, it will hopefully prevent more incidents like this from happening,” said Tonni Canaday, an emergency livestock contractor with Safe Haven.

Canaday said a lot of riders come in and out of Kringlen Park at any given time of the day. It is where people like Zach Guess practice for the rodeo.

“I ride because that is what I love to do,” said Guess.

But, the ride from Guess’ house to the park is sometimes scary.

“Sometimes people come through here like they are in a rush, said Guess.

He is not shocked that an accident like this happened. But, he has a message for drivers to hear.

“Just slow down, take your time, don’t rush, and go maybe 15 or 25 mph in the area,” said Guess.