Power has been restored to the city of Lindsay after lighting struck a power substation Sunday afternoon, leaving residents in the dark overnight. 

In an apparent unrelated issue, many people also lost phone service Sunday night. 

“About 30 minutes after we lost power we lost all AT&T phone service, so we had no communication with anybody unless you drove and like me, my pick up was locked in the garage and you couldn’t get it out,” Lindsay resident Jody Brown said. 

The outage occurred as a line of storms moved across southern Oklahoma Sunday, following temperatures in the 90’s that afternoon. 

“It was a long night,” Brown said. “It was hot of course, humid, muggy because of the weather but when the power went out everybody thought it would be back on in just a few hours.”

The Grand River Damn Authority (GRDA) restored power to the city of nearly 3,000 just before 4 a.m. with a portable substation.

Lindsay Police stepped up patrols while the city was dark and with the phone lines temporarily down, 911 emergency calls had to be routed through Garvin County and radioed into Lindsay. 

With utility workers out over night, diligently working extended hours to get the lights back on, local businesses are stepping up to show their appreciation. According to Facebook posts, Ann's Grill and Meat Locker BBQ will provide discounts to linemen and utility workers Monday.